To the max






Sometimes in between all of the French beauty’s I feel a bit under dressed wearing typical beach wear all the time. I mean fancy clothes take up to much space while travelling and who needs them anyway when you are spending your time at the beach the whole day. So I never take them with me. Still sometimes a women wants to look cute and a dress can always settle any woman’s insecurity. It makes me feel ladylike in an instant.  Maybe that is where dressing up comes from. You put on a dress and right away you feel like a million bucks.

I never was a fan of maxi dresses because they don’t flatter my body type very well. (It makes me look smaller than I already am) But this one is just so comfortable I don’t care. Perfect for a walk trough the beautiful city of Biarritz after a smurf surf.

sunglasses // vans

brunotti // cardigan

brunotti // maxi dress

travel treasure // espadrilles

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