Barca shoot

The holidays is the best time to think about what happend in our lives the past year. So here is one little gem I didn’t share yet. Half a year ago I went on an awesome photoshoot with this amazing group of people to Barcelona in Spain. Within a week we became real good friends […]

Beautiful Marocco

It has been some time ago already but I still want to share this with you guys. In januari I went to Marocco to do a photoshoot for the brand I am currently working for. We wanted to capture the true travelers spirit and there is no better place then Marrakech to do so. When […]


The monsters are back!  I know it is a lot to handle. Having the same pair of sandals as your grandpa. This summer season is about monsterous footwear according to Celine etc and so I have been craving for some chunky footwear myself. Which led to adding a pair of Teva’s to my shoe collection. […]