On jackets





So here it is my super jacket. It is a sample I got from Brunotti and unfortunately this one is not available in stores. But I really wanted to tell you guys about it anyway because I simply love it and get a lot of compliments about. This sporty jacket is perfect for any activity, walking on the beach, the woods or cycling to work. It has a hidden hood in the collar for times when you need it but you can also hide it when you don’t. A great feature is that the jacket is water-repellent and the rain drops just roll of and what I like most is that it is still casual looking. So no weird raincoats for me! A jacket that has the best of both worlds, looks but this holds it selfs outdoors. A true SALTNSUN favorite! What do you look for in a jacket?

Brunotti // jacket
Dr. Denim // black jeans

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