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      My biggest passion of all is kiteboarding. So above is a little bit of what I like to do the most. Thinking about going out kitesurfing right now still gives me butterflies after so many years. These pictures never made it to the web. Seeing our old care makes me giggle. What good fun […]

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  • Missing the ocean

    After not being in the water for a while I really start to miss it. For me the ocean means tons of fun and relaxation. The moment my toes touch the water my body and mind relaxes. At the moment Hollands waters are flat and the water temperature is not comfortable either. So when I […]

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  • What is on my mind

    Summer is on my mind! Can’t wait! During those cold winter days I can’t help but think about the sun warming my skin and the water touching my bare skin while surfing in bikini. Just a few more months to go. Hurry up please. Something else on my mind too is BEYONCE! I was so […]

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  • Winter session

      Last weekend my alarm went of at 8 o’clock. Normally it doesn’t go of at all on weekends. Grabbed my phone seeing that photographer Stefan van der Kamp messaged me that it was time to get out of bed. I had a look at the webcam the wind and waves where looking good. Time […]

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  • Know your bikini!

    In the northern hemisphere we are getting ready for the freezing cold. In Australia on the other hand the bikini’s are hitting stores as we speak. Here a fun movie from Alana Blanchard about what she needs in a bikini when it comes to surfing. Can’t agree with her more! [wpsr_facebook] [wpsr_pinterest]