Enjoy this nice view of my home town Scheveningen. Love this place, running on the beach earlier this and now enjoying this great view. Today started of soft but it became really cold after all. What I’m wearing sort of has been my winter uniform. The boots and the knit are so comfortable […]


Check out these nice beanies I got from brunotti. Some who follow me on Instagram may have seen I have been to the hairdressers more on that later. You curious yet? And also I have an older post about Maastricht waiting for you guys. So what is your favorite beanie style for this winter? I […]


A regular t-shirt and diy cut off shorts has to be my favourite summer outfit. Although the the Dutch weather does not allow me to wear it very often. Whenever the sun is out the shorts are on! What is your favorite summer outfit? (besides a bikini ofcourse!) brunotti // sunglasses brunotti // t-shirt diy […]