Look what the mail man just dropped off. Thank you Rhythm for the super awesome christmas gift! Rhythm is an Australian clothing brand and their so called family consists of artists, musicians and surfers. The brand appeals to those who like to travel and wander off the well-worn paths. Those who see and like […]


Check out these nice beanies I got from brunotti. Some who follow me on Instagram may have seen I have been to the hairdressers more on that later. You curious yet? And also I have an older post about Maastricht waiting for you guys. So what is your favorite beanie style for this winter? I […]

Loving Autumn

  Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere in the tropics with waves and wind everyday. But on the other hand the change of seasons is also very special! Who doesn’t like to bundle up in  in a blanket on the couch with a big cup of tea after a nice walk through the woods. Loving […]