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  • Girls weekend


    So last weekend we had girls weekend on the island of Terschelling. My sister, Brenna and I where going to have a whole weekend by ourselves doing girls stuff. Hell yes for that! Singing girls songs, watching chick flicks etc etc. The boyfriend and I have a cute little chalet on this island which is […]

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  • commit2fit

    Schermafbeelding 2014-01-19 om 20.53.14

      Januari is almost over and some of you may already seen it but this januari I am joining the #commit2fit movement. There is no better start of 2014 than working on yourself. This means I will be doing 15 workouts this month and you can follow my progress on Instagram @ninamoerdijk. To make it […]

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  • walk in the woods


      What are you up to this weekend? Going for a walk in the woods maybe? I kind of fell in love with hiking boots. I know they are hidious right? But still I started to like those chuncky big boots especially combined with huge woolen socks. What are you thoughts about that? [wpsr_facebook] [wpsr_pinterest] 

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  • Best present ever

    What if you have the sweetest boyfriend and you get the best christmas present ever. He got us plain tickets to Portugal. I can not wait to plan this trip! Surf and sun in spring when it is still cold in Holland. Sounds perfect to me. I have never been to Portugal before so tips for […]

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  • Maastricht

        When my hair was still long two and a half weeks ago my best friend asked if I wanted to go with her on a work trip to Maastricht. I had never been there and was exited to go. As a beach girl this is one of those places in small Holland I don’t […]

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  • Island life: photo diary

    Last weekend we went to our cute little holiday place on the island of Terschelling. This is an island situated in the north of Holland. When you step onto the boat you are immediately on a vacation, time slows down and no mobile phone range. This photo diary shows small impression of our small weekend […]

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  • Woodstock

        Last weekend I enjoyed by going to the annual Woodstock festival in my home town Scheveningen. This means dressing up as a hippie! Yay! The whole week everyone is prepping their outfits and asking eachother about what they are going to wear. I went for flowers in my hair and a silk dress […]

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  • Behind the scenes

    While we are having tropical temperatures in the Netherlands Brunotti invited me last week to check out their fall winter collection 2014/2015.  They are still in the design process but the collection is almost finished. The nice thing is I got to tell them what items or colors I missed, what should be altered in […]