Girls weekend

So last weekend we had girls weekend on the island of Terschelling. My sister, Brenna and I where going to have a whole weekend by ourselves doing girls stuff. Hell yes for that! Singing girls songs, watching chick flicks etc etc. The boyfriend and I have a cute little chalet on this island which is […]


  Januari is almost over and some of you may already seen it but this januari I am joining the #commit2fit movement. There is no better start of 2014 than working on yourself. This means I will be doing 15 workouts this month and you can follow my progress on Instagram @ninamoerdijk. To make it […]

walk in the woods

  What are you up to this weekend? Going for a walk in the woods maybe? I kind of fell in love with hiking boots. I know they are hidious right? But still I started to like those chuncky big boots especially combined with huge woolen socks. What are you thoughts about that? [wpsr_facebook] [wpsr_pinterest] 

Best present ever

What if you have the sweetest boyfriend and you get the best christmas present ever. He got us plain tickets to Portugal. I can not wait to plan this trip! Surf and sun in spring when it is still cold in Holland. Sounds perfect to me. I have never been to Portugal before so tips for […]


    Last weekend I enjoyed by going to the annual Woodstock festival in my home town Scheveningen. This means dressing up as a hippie! Yay! The whole week everyone is prepping their outfits and asking eachother about what they are going to wear. I went for flowers in my hair and a silk dress […]