Morocco vibes

  Last August I was invited on the Teva Global shoot s18 with an amazing crew of people. It was a wild ride! We got to travel around Morocco from the ocean to the dessert. I had been to Marrakech before when I organised a shoot myself. The city itself is a very intense one. […]

Summer sliding

  Little throw back to a serene summer morning at 7 am. The waves looked really tiny but when we got in it was so glassy and perfect. Quiet mornings are the best! Especially when you get to wear your summer suit. Photography by Lisette Blankenstijn and Sebastiaan Heitkamp. Wetsuit // ION

California roadtrip

  We rented this really cool car/mini van for our California road trip at Lost Campers in LA. I had to be in Santa Barbara for business but before I had to get back to work from our honeymoon on Maui we had a couple of days left. We immediately thought of doing a road […]

Sagres madness

    Right before our wedding I had to attend a meeting in Portugal that I would not have wanted to miss. It was strictly business but as I always I try to make the most of it during down time. Which means going for an early swim in the ocean and meditating on the […]

California dreaming

My first trip to the US! Before our wedding I had a crazy schedule travelling to Santa Barbara for work and after that straight into Portugal and only 2 days later our wedding. When we arrived in LA we had to do what we needed to do and drove straight to In-N-Out burger to get […]

Paradise Island

All props go to my lovely Instagram husband who was so patient and followed my directions to¬†shoot these pictures. Shoot out to all the super Insta husbands out there! While on a tropical island in the Caribbean called Martinique you can not help but you one of these pretty hibiscus flowers in your hair. Especially […]

Most beautiful day

            Dear friends and family thank you so much for making our day so special. We felt truly blessed with all our loved ones around us and how you all made us feel. Our wedding day was our perfect day and if we could do it all over again we […]