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  • The dark days are over

    From now on the dark days are over and the days are only getting longer. Jihhaaa! Can’t wait for spring to come and seeing those first fresh green leafs again. But first let’s celebrate Christmas and the new year. And maybe even some ice skating. Happy Holidays ya’ll! Get your mermaid shirt here. [wpsr_facebook] [wpsr_pinterest] 

  • beauty
  • The perfect cut

    What else is crossing my mind a lot lately besides work, kitesurfing and a 5 piece wardrobe is cutting my hair. Recently I just cut of a few centimeters and the length is just over shoulder. I am not completely satisfied and now I am thinking about going really short. I already posted this image […]

  • fashion
  • Winter items

      Winter inspiration: So which winter items are going over in your mind? Again and again and again. Or maybe you re not thinking about you winter wardrobe at all because you don’t need anything new. What do I need this winter? Do I need anything at all? All long wool coat, comfy knits, A […]

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  • Island life: photo diary

    Last weekend we went to our cute little holiday place on the island of Terschelling. This is an island situated in the north of Holland. When you step onto the boat you are immediately on a vacation, time slows down and no mobile phone range. This photo diary shows small impression of our small weekend […]

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  • Woodstock

        Last weekend I enjoyed by going to the annual Woodstock festival in my home town Scheveningen. This means dressing up as a hippie! Yay! The whole week everyone is prepping their outfits and asking eachother about what they are going to wear. I went for flowers in my hair and a silk dress […]

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  • Behind the scenes

    While we are having tropical temperatures in the Netherlands Brunotti invited me last week to check out their fall winter collection 2014/2015.  They are still in the design process but the collection is almost finished. The nice thing is I got to tell them what items or colors I missed, what should be altered in […]