Indo dreams

Sometimes you need a break right. I was dreaming of some alone time to heal again. This also means expressing myself creatively. Together with my friend Ydwer we made my vision come alive for Brunotti womens. Tropical surf vibes that are fun and friendly. All images are by


One of my best friends asked me to help out with her first photoshoot for her new job. At first I was hesitant to start modelling again. But I had a feeling that I could really add value to the shoot in terms of experience. Would you say no to a trip to the Carribean? […]

Maui Wauwie

Finally I am able to share the Maui pictures after they have been published in Access kiteboard magazine. It has been one of the most memorable trips of my life. On Hawaii everything in so abundant and lush. The flowers are bigger, the turtles are bigger, the trees grow taller and the water is more […]

Morocco vibes

  Last August I was invited on the Teva Global shoot s18 with an amazing crew of people. It was a wild ride! We got to travel around Morocco from the ocean to the dessert. I had been to Marrakech before when I organised a shoot myself. The city itself is a very intense one. […]

Summer sliding

  Little throw back to a serene summer morning at 7 am. The waves looked really tiny but when we got in it was so glassy and perfect. Quiet mornings are the best! Especially when you get to wear your summer suit. Photography by Lisette Blankenstijn and Sebastiaan Heitkamp. Wetsuit // ION

Honeymooners in France

We decided to go to France straight after the wedding so we could enjoy some time alone and look back at our amazing day. If you know me a little bit then you know I love France especially for their cheese but also wine and waves! We drove off for a 12 hour road trip […]