Beautiful Marocco





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It has been some time ago already but I still want to share this with you guys. In januari I went to Marocco to do a photoshoot for the brand I am currently working for. We wanted to capture the true travelers spirit and there is no better place then Marrakech to do so. When arriving by plane I was amazed by the mesmerizing snowy mountain ranges of the Atlas against the backdrop of Marrakech. This ancient city beholds many secrets and beautiful places hidden behind the cities red walls. It is one big maze if you ask me. But if you are looking for the the 1001 and 1 nights experience Marrackech is the place to be. Thank you awesome crew for making it happen!






Enjoy this nice view of my home town Scheveningen. Love this place, running on the beach earlier this and now enjoying this great view. Today started of soft but it became really cold after all. What I’m wearing sort of has been my winter uniform. The boots and the knit are so comfortable and warm. Happy weekend!

COS // knit
Cheap Monday // jeans
UGG Australia // boots

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Schermafbeelding 2014-01-19 om 20.53.37

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-19 om 20.53.14

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-19 om 20.52.53

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-19 om 20.56.14


Januari is almost over and some of you may already seen it but this januari I am joining the #commit2fit movement. There is no better start of 2014 than working on yourself. This means I will be doing 15 workouts this month and you can follow my progress on Instagram @ninamoerdijk. To make it more fun I switch up my workouts with running, dancing, swimming and fitness since I find it to cold to be in the water surfing. I still hope to sqeeze some SUP action inbetween since it is not that cold standing on top of the water most of the time. So how many workouts have you done so far?

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walk in the woods



What are you up to this weekend? Going for a walk in the woods maybe? I kind of fell in love with hiking boots. I know they are hidious right? But still I started to like those chuncky big boots especially combined with huge woolen socks. What are you thoughts about that?

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On jackets





So here it is my super jacket. It is a sample I got from Brunotti and unfortunately this one is not available in stores. But I really wanted to tell you guys about it anyway because I simply love it and get a lot of compliments about. This sporty jacket is perfect for any activity, walking on the beach, the woods or cycling to work. It has a hidden hood in the collar for times when you need it but you can also hide it when you don’t. A great feature is that the jacket is water-repellent and the rain drops just roll of and what I like most is that it is still casual looking. So no weird raincoats for me! A jacket that has the best of both worlds, looks but this holds it selfs outdoors. A true SALTNSUN favorite! What do you look for in a jacket?

Brunotti // jacket
Dr. Denim // black jeans

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Best present ever


What if you have the sweetest boyfriend and you get the best christmas present ever. He got us plain tickets to Portugal. I can not wait to plan this trip! Surf and sun in spring when it is still cold in Holland. Sounds perfect to me. I have never been to Portugal before so tips for the best hidden beaches are very welcome.

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Look what the mail man just dropped off. Thank you Rhythm for the super awesome christmas gift! Rhythm is an Australian clothing brand and their so called family consists of artists, musicians and surfers. The brand appeals to those who like to travel and wander off the well-worn paths. Those who see and like to do things differently. Not your average surfer hipster kind of type but the uber laid-back cool travel kind of type.

I can not wait to wear these cosy sweaters!

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